If you use a CBD vaporizer to help with issues of pain or anxiety, the last thing you want is to find that the oil in your flavored CBD cartridges have gone bad. However, don’t be too quick to throw those cartridges away. The darker color and cloudy look that many people mistake for spoiled CBD oil is, in fact, a good product getting even better.

As a purveyor of top quality CBD oil, we not only test our product throughout our formulation process, but also send the oils to a third party lab for testing. No flavored CBD cartridges leave our facility without verified safety and quality assurance.

When our flavored CBD oil is first packaged into a cartridge, it appears clear. Over time, however, the flavor compounds and terpenes disperse and intensify within the cartridge to create a product with much more distinct flavor. As these flavors develop, the color tends to change as well. In fact, most CBD cartridges come into their best flavor profile within a week or two of being packaged.


It works much the same way as a teabag does—when you first dunk it into hot water, you’ll barely see any change in the water, much less taste any difference. But leave that teabag in for a few minutes (or a few days) and you’ll definitely taste something deeper, stronger, and more complex.

In this way, CBD oil is a lot like fine wine—it just gets better with age. In fact, we recommend setting aside some of your flavored CBD cartridges to steep before consuming. Simply leave the cartridges in a cool, dark place for one to two weeks to enjoy an intensified aroma and taste alongside the many health benefits of CBD oil.