We all feel anxiety now and then. However, for some people, anxiety is not a passing feeling, but an ongoing mental health issue. Even simple tasks and routine situations can trigger intense and sometimes crippling anxiety.

If you experience anxiety at this level, you’re far from alone. Anxiety-related disorders affect a huge segment of our population—the National Institute of Mental Health reports that 18 percent of adults in the US are affected by an anxiety-related disorder. While there are pharmaceutical treatments available, many people give up taking mental health medication or never seek treatment at all, thanks to the unpleasant side effects that often accompany prescription drugs.

In recent years, many anxiety sufferers have turned to cannabidiol or CBD oil as an alternative treatment for mental health issues. Derived from the hemp plant, CBD oil contains plant-based chemicals similar to molecules produced by the human brain in a state of relaxation. These chemicals, called cannabinoids, are responsible for a lot more than a good mood. They also maintain the digestive system, modulate pain and heal inflammation. (Great news for those who get nauseous or achy during times of anxiety.)

That’s where CBD can help. By supplementing the brain’s natural cannabinoid system, CBD oil supports the brain’s emotional regulation response, alleviating symptoms of even the most serious mental health disorders. And unlike opioid drugs, CBD brings no danger of overdose or unpleasant side effects like weight gain or hormonal fluctuation.

While CBD is derived from a plant related to marijuana, it contains almost no THC, the chemical that produces a “high.” And while one of the most popular ingestion methods is using a CBD “vape,” or vaporizer, it’s also possible to take CBD oil in tincture form or as a CBD capsule. Most pure CBD oil is sold in 500mg and 1000mg amounts, making it important to measure out your desired dosage before ingesting.

If you struggle with anxiety and don’t want to risk the side effects of prescription medication, CBD oil provides a natural, gentle way to relieve symptoms and restore you to your normal self.