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The 2018 Farm Bill has passed! Both the House and the Senate have officially signed the bill. Now we just need President Trump to sign it into law!

What is it?

Since The Controlled Substance Act of 1970 all cannabis was a schedule 1 drug, be it psychoactive or not, making hemp a controlled substance.

The Agricultural act of 2014 defined the difference between Marijuana and Hemp, defining hemp as cannabis containing 0.3% THC or less. This made hemp and hemp derived products no longer a controlled schedules substance regulated the the DEA. It also allowed for the cultivation of “industrial hemp” at states digression with federal approval.

Because Marijuana derivatives are still controlled scheduled substances, there tends to be legal confusion as to whether or not hemp derivatives, like hemp derived CBD, which is the same exact thing, are legal because of this gray area.

Simply stated, the 2018 Farm Bill makes this grey area black and white. Hemp and all its derivatives will be clearly stated as legal, nullifying any doubt or interpretation of otherwise.

This clear definition opens the flood gates to many opportunities.

Hemp agriculture will take off across the country, allowing for more hemp products to be available on the market. That’s not limited to CBD, hemp will create laundry list of sustainable resources including fabrics, paper, biofuel, bio-plastics, food, oils, live stock feed, etc. These Hemp products can significantly reduce deforestation, plastic pollution and many more environmental perks!

One of the most important advantages to this new legal status is the stimulation of more hemp derived cannabinoid research. While the FDA forbids making claims of medical or health significance because they haven’t “approved” it, there is no question that CBD and all of the other trace cannabinoids have amazing heath and healing properties.

I know people are skeptical, but there is more anecdotal evidence than you can read about how people are benefitting from hemp derived CBD. Properly researched, I confidently predict there will be break through treatments for many health issues including mental health, cancer, seizure disorders, autoimmune diseases, and diabetes.

We are at the frontier of an amazing time, Cannabis has been used for OVER 10,000 years by humans as a natural resource and medication. While it has been suppressed by ill conceived laws for the last 80+ years, the passing of this bill into law in our current time of exponentially growing technology and ability will find amazing uses for hemp that will benefit us all in many ways.

The question is, DO YOU THINK TRUMP WILL SIGN???

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